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Easy Ico Investment
Are you really confident about the ICOs you are investing in? We can exponentially increase your chances of success
We carefully select the best ICOs and create a risk to reward balanced portfolio in order to maximize the return of your investments
Discover & Investigate
We meet in person, whenever is possible, the founders of those startups we invest in
We thoroughly analyze their true potential and their business plan
We only focus on the ICOs having the best chances of being successful

Many Advantages

The competence and the skills of professionals already operating in the venture capital traditional business, are now brought into the blockchain ecosystem.
At CryptoHunters, we do foresee a unique possible path: growth !!!
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Read the whitepaper for all the details.

A solid team of professionals which has been already investing in Startups for some time
...of course only in the best ones!!!

Founder & CEO

Smart and dynamic entrepreneur, with over a decade of international experience in the IT and Consulting business spent working for many top companies in the world (Accenture, HP and MutuiOnLine) and collaborating with many strategic top customers (Unicredit, Banca Intesa, Everis).
Co-Founder & President

Brilliant project manager, with 15 years of experience in the semiconductors industry spent working for the best companies in the world (Micron, Intel and Globalfoundries) and collaborating with many top customers (Qualcomm, AMD, IBM). Andrea holds a Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering.
Enzo Mosca
Customer Support Engineer
Technology consultant specialized in Informatic and Industrial Automation.
Daniele Migliavacca
IT Senior Consultant
He spent working for several top international companies and collaborating with many strategic top customers.
Andrea Simonetti
Sales Manager
Sales professional with entrepreneurial attitude, skilled in Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development.
Cristian Burza
Accounting Manager
Expert in Accounting, Real estate valuation, Internal audit, Consultancy, Due Diligence.
Valentina Barretta
Business Consultant
She followed projects of Technology Transformation in different banking areas (Trading, Financial Control Monitoring, Reconciliation, Financial regulatory Monitoring)
Gino Pappalardo
Tax & Legal Consultant
President at the Chamber of Tax Lawyers of the Province of Vibo Valentia. Specialized in Tax & Civil matters.
Luca Amedeo Martino
Senior Lawyer
Legal Lawyer Expert. Due Diligence Support.
Nicola Grillo
IT Senior Consultant
International experiences in: Business Development, Program/Project Management, Service Management, System Integration, Training.
Marius Ioja
Tax and Tributary Lawyer Specialist

Tax and Tributary Lawyer Expert. Due Diligence Specialist.

The First "Ico Hunters"
  ETH 8484.36 $
We only accept Ethereum (coming from wallets that are ECR20 standard compatible, like Ledger Nano, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or Mist).

If you are planning to use Bitcoins or other Altcoins (i.e. BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP), then you can simply convert them first in ETH and comfortably get them in your ECR20 wallet, before to proceed with your CHT Tokens purchasing.

Push This Button to convert your Altcoins !
Total hard-cap is 60.000.000
Funds Allocation
Cryptohunters Token Distribution
Cryptohunters Use Funds
Bonus Campaign
You will be able to buy the CHT tokens with the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH). There will be lovely discounts during the pre sale and the first 2 tiers of the crowdsale. The pre sale phase is reserved to partners, sponsors and big investors looking for buying more than 15 000 (fifteen thousands) tokens. A whopping 20% tokens reward will be granted during this phase (up to 5M tokens will be sold). For the casual investors willing to buy no more than 15 000 tokens (fifteen thousands), the first 2 tiers of the ICO are the most advantageous, as there will be a nice % discount (respectively 10% and 5%). Tier 2 and tier 3 caps are respectively 10M$ and 20M$. No bonus will be granted during the tier 3 (last 22M$ before ICO´s end).
The funds raised during the ICO will be distributed as follows:
75% of tokens will be invested in new ICOs (as per our  portfolio management plan)
11% in Marketing and Development expenses (ICO-platform, Website, Forum, Social Media, Infrastructures, Team Expansion and Collaborators)
9% as Management and Core Team reward
3% for Advisors and Mentors
2% for the Social Media Bounty Campaign
The token’s cost will depend on cryptocurrency rate to dollar at the day of the purchase.
Taking into account the rapid development of blockchain and fintech markets
we plan to get at least a
per annum income for all the investors.
Upon request, we are willing to meet and to talk to big investors in order to show our project and our company in details.
Just write us to get immediately in touch.

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based on Ethereum Platform
Company Code Registration. CUI RO: 38889270
Read "Term & Condition"
Read our "Privacy Policy"
You can find all  the details related to our ECR20 CHT Token here:
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